Toronto ice cream joint has permanently closed and moved online

A successful Toronto ice cream parlour making treats you couldn't find anywhere else has now permanently closed its storefront and moved online.

Nanashake had a small 264-square-foot space in a food court off Sheppard and Yonge for six years, first opening their storefront in March 2016, but now they've said goodbye to that shop.

The brand is known for making nutritious vegan ice cream, and while you can't stop off at their store to get it anymore, at least it's still available in cyberspace and at retailers across Canada.

"It is with mixed feelings that we now close the doors of our store front and bid a fond farewell to it," the store wrote in a social media post in January 2022.

"As Nanashake continues to grow and expand it is time to move on to bigger and better spaces from which to operate. As one door closes, another opens up and we are very excited that we will soon start producing out of a new kitchen facility that can handle the demands of our growing distribution."

The post continues to say to check their social media for updates, including a possible new store location, though there haven't been any updates on a storefront on their social media since.

"We couldn't viably keep the store open, it was costing us more to maintain the store than the income that we were able to generate during the months that we were able to be open over those two years," Nanashake co-founder and CEO Yazeed Yasin tells blogTO.

"Delivery is not a great option for soft serve and milkshakes because by the time the product is delivered it will have thawed and melted and lost a lot of its appeal."

This is why they moved to their online and retailer model. The last day for Nanashake's storefront was Jan. 10, 2022.

"We do have plans to open up another store but it will most likely be through pop-up stores over the summer months and in different locations across the GTA so that more customers can get to experience and taste our full line of frozen desserts including soft-serve, milkshakes, popsicles, bowls and cakes," says Yasin.

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