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This roti shop just outside Toronto sells out of legendary doubles every Saturday

Every Saturday, a roti shop just outside Toronto that's been open since 1985 sells out of their legendary doubles.

Although Kori's Roti has been open for almost 40 years, they actually stopped making their doubles on the daily about 20 years ago in 2006.

"They're time consuming to make, and we were so busy making roti, that it made more sense to focus on our namesake," Chris Zegarchuk of Kori's tells blogTO.

"The idea of treating doubles as a Saturday special focused all our doubles sales on to one day, at which point we started selling out regularly."

They make around 200 doubles every Saturday, and they sell for $2.50 each. Kori's also runs a deal where you can buy five and get the sixth free, which is no doubt also an attraction. 

Kori's Roti used to experience long lineups on Saturdays due to their doubles special, but restrictions shifted that to an extremely busy phone model. Many customers place their doubles orders at least a week in advance to make sure they get their preferred pickup time.

"I grew up in Trinidad and I can honestly say our doubles are authentic in every sense of the word," says Zegarchuk.

"They take me right back home. As for the rest of the menu, everything we make is prepared fresh every day, so we sell out of some items here and there. That's the cost of freshness."

Kori's makes fresh dough twice a day, marinates their jerk chicken for at least 24 hours, hand preps all their ingredients, and prepares their own seasoning, hot sauce and spice blends every week.

Their regular menu consists of regular and mini roti, rice dishes with options like pumpkin, potato, goat, shrimp or veggies, as well as patties. The restaurant spices dishes according to a "pepper scale" that ranges from mild to "suicide" with a note on their website that "Orders that are 'too hot' cannot be exchanged."

"We've always maintained the notion that we're not trying to sell the most of anything," says Zegarchuk. "We're trying to sell the best of everything."

You can find Kori's Roti on Speers Rd. in Oakville about 45 minutes to an hour away from Toronto.

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