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Toronto chocolate shop is hiding $1,000 somewhere in the city

A Toronto chocolate shop has announced that very soon, they'll be hiding $1,000 somewhere in the city for a lucky person to claim.

The Grand Order of Divine Sweets (or The GOoDS) is going to be our real life Easter Bunny in Toronto this April.

The quirky shop is known for making sweets that embrace everything whimsical, fantastic, geeky and gory. It's fitting that this year they'd bring the magic of an Easter egg hunt to life for big kids.

On Saturday, April 2, the store is going to place 10 "treasure boxes" in accessible outdoor locations around the city, posting clues as to where they've been hidden on their social media.

Inside each box is a scroll you can take to their shop before April 6 to find out what you've won. They'll update their social media with prizes that have been claimed so you know what's still up for grabs. 

If not all the boxes are found by April 6, they'll still be considered in play, and The GOoDS will continue to drop hints until every scroll is found.

The grand prize is an edible golden fair-trade chocolate egg that's hiding $1,000 in actual cash, nestled among sprinkles and truffles. The other prizes are cakes, chocolates and cupcakes, including some of their special creations like a geode egg, dragon egg and zombie bunny.

If you're itching to get hunting after hearing that and want to make sure you're fully prepped, you can also drop by the shop in person before the hunt starts to get some preemptive tips on hiding places.

"We've always loved hosting different events, fundraisers, and other community building activities," Sam Lapointe of The GOoDs tells blogTO.

"It's our mission to literally and figuratively make the world a sweeter place."

The shop even previously gave out free birthday cupcakes during lockdowns to anyone who had to celebrate a birthday in isolation.

"The grand hunt is our version of the 'golden ticket' and our attempt at adding some adventure and joy back into what has been a really difficult time for so many people," says Lapointe.

She says lots of people have already stopped into the shop to ask for their preliminary clues, so you'll want to get hopping if you want a good chance at a grand in cold hard cash hidden in sweet, sweet chocolate.

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