vladimir poutine

Poutine is trending in Canada because of Putin and Ukraine

Poutine is suddenly trending in Canada right now as people mess up the name of Vladimir Putin, whether mistakenly or intentionally.

As intense news unfolds surrounding the situation between Russia and Ukraine, French reports are translating the name of Russia's president to "Poutine" and it's making people all kinds of confused.

Yes, that really is how his name is translated into French.

Some of us are just learning about this for the first time today, leaving fans of Quebecois food scratching their heads.

Lovers of the dish with fries, cheese curds and gravy who aren't fans of Putin are clearing up their alliances on Twitter.

Some people just want everyone to make sure they're aware of the difference between the dish and the politician.

The whole mixup is making the serious situation kind of awkwardly funny.

Others are also enjoying how imagining Putin as a giant pile of sloppy fries feels like it takes away from his image of power.

Some feel that all the jokes are offensive and disrespectful.

They're saying we shouldn't be making light of the concerning situation.

Who could have predicted the mention of poutine would one day make Canadians sick to their stomachs?

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Palácio do Planalto

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