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Toronto cafe is eliminating all takeout cups

A Toronto cafe recently announced on their social media that they'll now have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to takeout cups.

"NO MORE TAKEOUT CUPS EVER," reads an Instagram post from Lourdes Coffee.

"Bring your own mug or sit and chill."

People responded to the post with positive comments, leaving lots of heart, applause and raised hands emojis.

The no-frills cafe is known for displaying lots of artwork in a cozy-cool environment, and almost doubles as something of an art gallery. The tiny shop is named for owner Phillip Rodrigues' grandmother.

Of course, the obvious reason he wants to eliminate takeout cups from his business is to simply improve sustainability, but something he saw a little while ago showed what that could really mean.

"I saw a Lourdes take out cup in the east end a few weeks ago and it was a shock to me to think that an independent shop like myself can have a piece of waste travel that far," Rodrigues tells blogTO.

"Makes you think, what else travels that far? If people can remember to reuse a water bottle, do it with a coffee cup as well."

Also, when he says bring your own mug or sit and chill, he means that as a real alternative to using a takeout cup. Are we really all so busy that we have to take our coffee to go, or could we afford a few minutes of quiet reflection in an art-filled space?

"It takes five to ten minutes max to enjoy a coffee," says Rodrigues.

"Sit and chill, talk to someone, engage your environment. Small shops have books, art, music, neighbours, etc. We all have a few minutes to spare! The last two years separated us and we need to get the human connection back."

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Andrew Williamson

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