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These are the rules for indoor dining at restaurants in Ontario right now

Thankfully, indoor dining is allowed at Ontario restaurants again. While Reopening Ontario rules are relatively familiar by now, it's good to have a refresher on exactly what updates there are to regulations as we head back to dining rooms.

What are the capacity limits for restaurants?

Capacity limits are currently being maintained at 50 per cent at indoor public settings, including restaurants, bars and "other food or drink establishments without dance facilities and strip clubs."

Are there limits to how many people can sit at a table?

The number of people that can sit at one table together is generally limited to 10, and you have to remain seated. More than 10 people can sit together only if they're all from the same household, or if a member from one other household lives alone or is a caregiver.

Does it matter if people at my table are not from the same household?

Up to 10 people are permitted to sit together at a table if they're from different households.

Do you need to be double vaccinated to eat indoors?

Proof of vaccination requirements continue to apply to settings that include restaurants. Proof of vaccination is not required for takeout and delivery, food trucks or outdoor patios.

Can you sing and dance at restaurants or bars?

For now, only workers and performers are permitted to sing and dance in indoor settings, and they have to be two metres away or separated by an impermeable barrier like plexiglass. That means no karaoke for now.

Do I need to wear a mask inside the restaurant?

Yes, masks are required in all indoor public settings except when eating and drinking.

Are servers supposed to be wearing a mask at all times?

Servers are required to wear a mask unless they are in an area that is not accessible to members of the public and is able to maintain a physical distance of at least two metres from others while in the indoor area.

Are some restaurants still open until 2 a.m. last call?

Sale and service of liquor is permitted on licensed premises from 9 a.m. until 2 a.m.

Are QR codes being used, and are they required to dine in restaurants?

Enhanced vaccine passports with QR codes plus ID are required to enter settings requiring proof of vaccination as of Jan. 4. A digital version or paper copy of the code are both acceptable. Businesses are required to verify certificates using the Verify Ontario app.

Can I still enter dining rooms if I'm medically exempt from vaccination?

As of Jan. 10, businesses can no longer accept physician notes or documentation as valid exemptions for entry.

Can international visitors to Canada without Ontario vaccine passports dine indoors?

Yes, they can show international vaccine receipts with valid proof of identification.

Are buffets allowed?

Buffets are currently allowed.

Are food courts and other venues open for indoor dining?

Food courts at shopping malls as well as other venues like concert halls, theatres, cinemas and event spaces are now permitted to open for dine-in service.

Are restaurants still doing contract tracing?

Businesses such as restaurants, bars, or other food or drink establishments (among others) are no longer required to collect or maintain the name and contact information of their patrons.

Are kids allowed to eat inside restaurants if they're unvaccinated?

Yes, patrons under 12 are exempt from proof of vaccination requirements.

Are restaurants required to sanitize tables in between seatings?

Businesses must prepare a safety plan that includes cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces.

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