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Markham restaurant going viral for serving ramen with ice cream in it

Toronto and Markham have seen lots of wild variations on ramen, but the latest invention to hit the GTA has one of the zaniest toppings ever: ice cream.

Koi Sakana Ramen introduced their Ice Cream Volcano ramen at the beginning of the month of February, inspired by a similar concept in Japan.

The Markham restaurant's $15 version tops their "Spicy Volcano" level two spicy pork bone soup broth with bacon, ham, soft-boiled egg and an entire vanilla soft serve ice cream cone, and of course there are noodles in there too.

The idea is actually that you can eat some of the dish with the broth unaltered by the ice cream, and then you can mix it in for a second experience of a creamier, less spicy broth that's almost like a whole different soup.

"We ameliorated the original one and created our own spicy flavour with home made soup-bone soup, which matches very well with the ice cream," Ivan Kong of Koi Sakana tells blogTO.

"First you can taste the spicy soup flavour, and then mix it up with the ice cream that can create another flavour, creamy and spicy."

People have been heading to Koi Sakana to snap photos of our very own version of an international cutting edge trend.

"Overall, this is quite interesting," one food blogger wrote in the caption of an Instagram post. "It can be a big hit or big miss depending on your personal preferences. This is definitely a new idea. At least that idea attracted me to check this out once."

The item is supposed to be a seasonal product, but Koi Sakana still isn't sure exactly when they'll take it off the menu. So if you're interested in trying this wacky creation, you might want to do it soon.

After all, what better dish to try when you're dreaming of summer while it's still snowing outside than soup topped with ice cream?

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