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Toronto chef goes viral for roasting how Rachel Ray makes pad thai

A Toronto chef is racking up tons of views on social media for roasting Rachel Ray's demo of how to make pad thai.

Chef Kasorn Meepan of Sala Thai is no stranger to creating hilarious videos, but her latest one is really blowing up.

Her video "Chef Mo is not happy with Rachel Ray's pad thai" has 707.2K views on TikTok, one of her highest viewed videos on the platform by far.

"What is she cooking?" she asks in horror as she watches Rachel Ray starting to make her version of "pad thai." "Vinegar?! Soy sauce?!" She exclaims these ingredients are not needed.

"How many pans does she need to cook just one pad thai?" she asks, watching Rachel Ray fumble with multiple pieces of cookware and explaining that only one wok is needed.

Watching Ray cook components separately, instructing viewers to later combine them, she complains that the ingredients will have no flavour this way. When Ray next throws a large amount of Thai chilis into a pan on high heat, Mo explains how that will only create a burning sensation.

More ingredients Ray adds that aren't needed in pad thai according to Meepan: basil and green onion.

"C'mon man, basil in pad thai?! I'm shaking," says Meepan. "No green onion! C-H-I-V-E. Chive! Not green onion. You don't know how to cook Thai food, don't cook. You better do some good research."

There are endless responses to the video on TikTok, and Chef Mo has responded to many of them.

"Even if they will say, 'oh this is my version'...that's nonsense they are just destroying the authenticity of certain cuisine," someone commented.

"Your version doesn't mean it has to be bad," Meepan responded.

"Omg more of these! Especially food network competition shows when they tell POC they cooked their own dish wrong," one person wrote.

People from other cultures were sympathizing with the situation.

"As a Jamaican I also understand your pain," someone said. "Now you understand how Italian people feel," wrote another person.

People are also asking her to share her own version of pad thai, which she says is coming soon.

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Mo Thai

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