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Toronto sushi joint permanently closing due to troubles with landlord

A Toronto sushi restaurant has suddenly announced they're permanently closing down due to what they're saying are their landlord's unreasonable demands.

Sushi Kira has been located in the Roncesvalles area for five years and served typical sushi fare including maki, sashimi and platters. They also did grab-and-go options.

They've now posted an announcement on social media and in the window of their restaurant saying they'll be closed in a matter of days.

"Sushi Kira is closing as of Feb. 19, 2022 due to landlord's tyranny (demanding too much under table for lease extension)" reads the announcement.

"We will cherish your love and affection."

The post on Instagram has racked up plenty of sorrowful comments, as well as some suspicious ones. The restaurant has replied to every single one.

"Absolutely appalling," commented nearby local bar Bluebird. "After the years we have all suffered with C**ID, it is so awful that they are treating you this way. I'm so sorry. And mad."

"Thank you for your concern," Kira replied. "We will keep doing our best until closing."

Someone claiming to be the landlord's son commented saying the restaurant breached the terms of the lease contract, so the landlord chose not to renew it. Others including someone saying they were a business owner and someone else with a landlord parent called the comment out as potential BS, which Kira backed up.

"This seems like a false account. I know owner's son's name and this is not his name," Kira replied.

"I really don't understand why you pretend being like his son. I don't know who you are and why you doing this for the landowner. But if you are going to tell people about the story, do it with full knowledge of what's going on."

The account saying they're the landlord's son has no profile picture and no photos. Another account saying they were an employee of Kira also commented negatively, and that account also has no profile picture and is private.

The so-called former employee said the restaurant had changed things around on them after they were hired as evidence that "they tend to not follow what they promised." Kira replied by apologizing and saying they'd be happy to speak about it further over the phone, an evasive back and forth following.

Sushi Kira's last day will be Feb. 19.

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