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People in Canada are now boycotting David's Tea

People are now boycotting David's Tea in Canada thanks to the publicization of a donation to the trucker convoy by the founder's wife.

An image that appears to be a screenshot of a donation for $200 logged into a spreadsheet has been circulating widely.

The screenshot shows the donation was made by Emily Segal, an Ottawa therapist and the wife of David Segal, who founded David's Tea and Mad Radish

"There is so much hopefulness and love in your movement, though it can be confusing to process a few upsetting and quite frankly scary flags," reads the box marked "donation comment."

"I greatly appreciate your continued emphasis on peace, unity, and freedom (which I extend to include religious freedom)."

The person who tweeted the screenshot has also posted screenshots of other donations made by public figures in a thread.

This has resulted in a flurry of people saying they'll never support David's Tea again.

That includes a ton of people who have said they used to love the company and bought their tea all the time, but won't anymore.

Of course, there are a few people chiming in too that this actually makes them want to support David's Tea more.

The official David's Tea account responded on social media that David Segal has not been involved with the company since 2016.

The person who originally tweeted the screenshot fired back that the Segal family still seems to be involved with the business.

His Twitter bio still links to Mad Radish and Firebelly Tea, so those businesses actually might be more worthy of boycotting.

Still, it's impossible to pass up some piping hot tea puns.

Those who are unhappy with the company may be pleased to learn it's been floundering since the beginning of lockdowns.

A DAVIDsTEA spokesperson sent blogTO the following statement: DAVIDsTEA cares deeply about its tea community and customers. Given some misinformation circulating on social media today, we wanted to address it with you. DAVIDsTEA is not affiliated with David Segal since 2016 (as your article points out), and we have not made any donations to the referenced events. As a company, DAVIDsTEA privileges donations to registered charitable organizations with a focus on community impact and also supports international organizations active in the tea industry.

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