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Rare whiskey bottle shaped like the CN Tower appears in popular TV series

Toronto viewers of The Book of Boba Fett may have noticed a familiar bottle of booze being served by the bartender in the sixth episode of the current season.

While it wasn't traditionally labeled, people instantly recognized the signature shape of a bottle of CN Tower whiskey on the bar.

It's distinctive because of the way it's shaped like the tower (well, sort of). The whiskey was limited edition, first available in 1969, and is now a very rare collector's item.

The episode aired on Feb. 2, and people were quick to take to social media to speculate about the remarkable bottle.

Suffice to say, many people with ties to Toronto who recognized the bottle were super excited to spot the easter egg.

Lots of people from the area recognize it, as the souvenir was a ubiquitous items in 1970s households in Toronto.

While the bottle might transport people who know what it is to a very real place on Earth, it's easy to see why it might have been selected as the basis for a prop with its space-age shape.

The commemorative bottles, released to celebrate the construction of the CN Tower, were produced by McGuiness Distillers.

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