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Toronto restaurant caps all its menu items at $20.22 for the next month

A restaurant in Toronto is ringing in 2022 by capping its most expensive menu items at $20.22.

Fox on John, part of the Fox & Fiddle chain with a location on John St. in the Entertainment District, announced the promotion in an Instagram post on New Year's Day.

The deal only impacts a small number of its menu items as most appetizers and mains are already priced well below the $20.22 threshold.

A handful of others, like the Fish and Chips, will see a mere 3 cents shaved off their previous $20.25 price tag.

Among the actual menu items that will offer decent savings include the Ribeye Steak ($40.75),  Atlantic Salmon ($30), Lobster Pasta $27.75), Baked Lobster Mac & Cheese ($26.75), Stuffed Chicken ($25.75), Seafood Arrabbiata Pasta ($23.50) and Southern BBQ Chicken Pizza ($21.50).

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