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Toronto grocery stores are selling leftover holiday treats at ridiculously low prices

The only thing better than Christmas-themed treats is getting them at ridiculously low discounted prices at grocery stores when the holidays are over.

If you've visited a Toronto grocery store this week you've likely seen unsold gingerbread houses for sale at rock bottom prices, or perhaps candy cane egg nog for just 25 cents.

The latter is on discount at the Loblaws at Leslie and Lake Shore. Apparently it was already heavily discounted to 44 cents last week but it just wasn't popular enough to sell out at that price.

In fact, one commenter on Facebook wrote what probably many of us are thinking when they chimed in "I don't understand why someone thought [candy cane egg nog] was a good idea."

Discounting food after a major holiday is common throughout the year. Halloween candy famously goes on major discounts after Oct. 31 and Valentine's Day treats of all sorts are suddenly a steal after Feb. 14.

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