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Kraft Dinner just opened a Toronto restaurant but delivery prices are outrageous

A Kraft Dinner delivery-only restaurant just launched in Toronto, and let's just say the prices are considerably above what you'd pay for a box of macaroni at the store.

Granted, you are paying for KD you didn't have to cook yourself, but isn't the whole point of the boxed product that it's not so difficult to make?

The KD Pep-Up Shop on Uber Eats allows you to order original Kraft Dinner (no toppings, no extra ingredients, nothing fancy) for a whopping $8.99.

As most people know, KD only retails for somewhere around two bucks a box, sometimes less when there are sales.

You can also get white cheddar Kraft for $9.99, though that's topped with an "herb crust."

There are other white cheddar options with more substantial add-ons on the menu, too, though they'll cost you even more: a pulled pork version is $12.99, Buffalo three-alarm chicken is $13.99, and a chicken carbonara KD is $15.99.

The creative minds at KD didn't stop there, though.

There are also abominable-looking "KD Bites" which, of course, are also available in poutine form, as well as "KD Original Creations" that are all made with original Kraft Dinner.

The "Creations" include a KD hot dog for $8.99, KD tacos for $10.99 and a KD bacon burger for $13.99.

There are also milkshakes in case you want to wash your dairy down with more dairy, and other drinks include Daydream beverages, Red Bull, iced coffees, juices, lemonades and sodas.

The Pep-Up Shop has locations in Toronto and Etobicoke, and is open 24 hours.

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