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Famous Chinese restaurants opening their first Toronto locations in new food hall

Toronto is getting a brand new food hall with the first Canadian locations for some Chinese brands.

Bold Food Hub at 5 Baldwin St. in Baldwin Village will contain three food concepts and will have a wall mural depicting pandas and other Chinese elements.

Those three are Fortune Tea, A Bite of Sichuan, and Three Kingdoms Pizza.

A Bite of Sichuan does Sichuan snacks, tapas and street food inspired by Chengdu, and has around 500 locations in China (making Toronto their first international location). 

One of their signatures is a surprise array of nine specialty Sichuan dishes made into tapas form, almost like an omakase.

Three Kingdoms Pizza does Chinese crispy flatbread (or "guokui") pizza and has around 5000 locations worldwide in places like Malaysia, Australia, China, Singapore and Korea.

Guokui is a Chinese flatbread that can be known for its giant size, traditionally stuffed with seasoned meat and/or veggies and baked in a tandoor-like oven.

The flatbread pizzas from the growing brand are supposed to be "as big as your face" and super crispy. Flatbreads are actually kept warm using hot stones.

Fortune Tea is a newer brand originating here in Canada that's supposed to focus on lighter bubble tea. Its Instagram bio which bills it as a "China-chic tea shop" says they do "modern Asian tea" and "tea creme."

They use tea leaves from China, and should put less emphasis on heavy, sugary ingredients. Their creme is supposed to be lighter than most bubble tea shops, allowing tea flavours to come through.

Most of all, the bubble tea should be a good counterpoint to the Sichuan spice at the food hub.

"We want to bring the best modern Chinese food with traditional cultural ties to Toronto," a partner at Bold Food Hub tells blogTO.

Bold Food Hub should be soft opening the weekend of Jan. 14.

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