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Toronto just got a new store for exotic snacks and junk food

Exotic snacks and junk food can be found lots of places in Toronto, but every once in a while a special new destination opens for the rarest treats.

Trap Mart just opened up in the city, sort of like a hype version of a convenience store, as if OVO and your late night munchies run spot had a baby.

The store stocks all kinds of hard-to-find and international varieties of drinks, chocolate, candy, cereal and chips.

Think rare flavours of Kit Kat, Dunkaroos cereal, peach and pineapple Fanta, peanut and pizza flavour Cheetos, s'mores Chips Ahoy and salted caramel brownie Oreos.

There are coveted items like Muddy Bites, which are basically the last perfect bite of a Drumstick, the chocolate-filled bottom tip of the cone.

The space has a sleek, clean feel with white walls and shelves, a huge mural by a local artist lending a pop of colour. There's also neon reading "pretty girls like Trap Mart."

It really feels like a hybrid between a designer clothing store and a snack shop with streetwear-style apparel such as shirts and hats available right alongside boxes of Pocky.

We love our snacks here in Toronto, so Trap Mart is sure to receive a warm welcome here.

Trap Mart can be found at 702 Queen St. West.

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El Cheeto

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