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Toronto restaurants have started to close for indoor dining

Some Toronto restaurants are choosing to close for indoor dining and roll back to a takeout-only model as case counts climb and restrictions are tightened again on larger venues.

Seafood restaurant Honest Weight is one such restaurant, posting an announcement about closing for indoor dining to their Instagram.

As of Dec. 15, they've limited their service to takeout and retail only.

"With so much uncertainty surrounding Omicron out there, closing indoor dining feels right to me," reads the announcement signed by Honest Weight owner Victoria Bazan.

"This was a very difficult decision to make. I hope this will be as brief as possible and that it will allow our staff time to get their booster shots."

Bazan tells blogTO that while there's so much she doesn't know about the new variant, one thing she does know for certain is that if it affects any of her staff they'll have to isolate for the holidays. And she isn't willing to let that happen.

"If any of my staff were to test positive as of today, they would have to isolate from their families for the holidays," Bazan tells blogTO.

"It could mean that our chef would have to isolate from his one-year-old daughter on Christmas. That's the chance I am not willing to take."

Her main priority is getting through the next few weeks safely and reopening indoor dining as soon as possible, all while hoping for more, clearer information. As a small business, she's able implement her own measures faster than the government, and that's what she's done.

"I don't like doing this. We have been very busy the last few weeks and I had to personally cancel all our reservations for the next couple of weeks," says Bazan.

"Other restaurants owners will exercise their own judgments, and knowing all too well what a balancing act that is, I express no opinion on what they should do."

At least one other restaurant is exercising their judgment in a similar way, as French restaurant Greta Solomon's has also announced they'll be closing for indoor dining temporarily, also citing concerns about the quickly spreading new variant.

It's a decision that flies in the face of the upcoming busy holiday season for many restaurants, Honest Weight and Greta Solomon's included.

"This is not the way that we were anticipating our lead up to the holidays but we feel that it is the most ethical thing to do," reads the announcement Greta Solomon's posted on their Instagram.

They are closed for indoor dining right now, and are planning on staying firm on that until Jan. 18. 

Like at Honest Weight, they'll remain open for takeout only, with their food, wine and bottled cocktails available for curbside pickup. They're also knocking 25 per cent off wine to go, to help you get through the thought of another period of time without dining in restaurants.

"You have been so supportive and wonderful throughout this time and we know that you understand and respect our decision," reads the Instagram announcement signed by the Greta Solomon's owner and her team.

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