lasagna toronto

Toronto restaurant is doing a $105 lasagna for New Year's

If you were hoping for a normal New Year's, you should probably think again, so why not splurge on a $105 lasagna from a local Italian restaurant?

Famiglia Baldassarre has put up the extravagant product for sale on their online shop.

lasagna toronto

Screenshot of the lasagna available at Famiglia Baldassarre's online shop.

It's called the F@!$ 2020 Lasagna, and though it could probably just as well be renamed the F@!$ 2021 Lasagna, they've dubbed it the "Don't Look Back Edition."

"We originally put it out NYE 2020 as way to tell the preceding year where to go and make something crazy for people to enjoy and celebrate," Famiglia Baldassarre owner Leandro Baldassarre tells blogTO.

"It is a handmade lasagna layered with Fontina Valdostana D.O.P. and lots of Perigord black truffles."

The $105 price tag might seem steep considering it's a takeout lasagna that feeds two to four, but it contains 50 grams of Perigord truffles. It's also got Fontina Valdostana DOP, besciamella and Reggiano.

"We basically charge $35 for the Fontina Lasagna. Fontina Valdostana is in and of itself quite an incredibly amazing, iconic and tasty cheese, but costly at $42/kg," says Baldassarre.

"$70 for the 50 grams of Perigord truffles for a total of $105. Important to note is that there is no profit made on the truffles, we just charge the cost to us. It's our policy here and always has been that if you are going to use truffles, use lots of truffles, and don't try to make a profit on them."

Technically, the price has actually increased from $90 last year, as the price of truffles has soared. If the lasagna isn't a big enough hit to your wallet on its own, they also sell wine to go with it.

The lasagna is available for pickup on Dec. 31 from noon to 4 p.m. They also had burrata tartufata, AKA truffle burrata, available for New Year's, but it sold out. You can still pick up cotechino e lenticchie (sausage and lentils) on the same day, though.

Last year they sold 100 of the lasagnas, and by this point they have about 14 left for this year. 

"We may sell out, maybe not," says Baldassarre. "I hope so cause I already ordered the truffles."

Other less pricey lasagnas and pastas are still available for pickup via their website.

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Famiglia Baldassarre

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