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Someone spent over $1.5k on a food delivery order in Toronto and here's what they got

Sometimes life gets busy and even though there's perfectly good food sitting in the fridge, you find yourself splurging and ordering delivery for the evening. We've all been there.

However, one Toronto resident splurged more than anyone else in Canada earlier this year with the nation's most expensive SkipTheDishes order when they spent $1552.35 on a single delivery.

Included in that record-setting order was:

  • 11 chicken tikka boti
  • 10 beef nihari
  • 7 curries
  • 20 tandoori chicken
  • 9 meat and vegetable combos
  • 2 chicken biryani
  • and 20 rashmi kebab

We can only hope that this person had more than a few friends around to share the order with and that whatever Indian restaurant they ordered from wasn't especially busy when that ticket came in.

While that order topped the largest bill across Canada this year, at least two Ontario residents chose to go a different route with their spending, instead making hundreds of smaller orders.

One Ontario SkipTheDishes user has already made 1475 orders so far this year, with at least one Toronto resident not far behind 1429 total orders and still a month left on the calendar to close that gap.

For those keeping track, that's over four orders PER DAY from both of those customers so far this year.

With over 17 million pieces of sushi and 8 million pizzas delivered across the country in the past year, it seems that everyone has been taking the stay at home orders very seriously, instead choosing to have their favourite restaurant's menu items brought to them.

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Hector Vasquez

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