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Toronto restaurant famous for its affordable sandwiches is closing after 30 years

A restaurant for affordable Vietnames sandwiches is closing after 30 years in business.

Rose's Vietnamese Sandwiches has been a part of its East Chinatown community for a long time, but the owner has decided to retire.

Owner Rose Pham says she is moving to St. Catharines and wants to focus on her backyard, food writer Suresh Doss confirmed in a posting in a local Facebook neighbourhood group.

Doss noted Pham was known for singing while making her sandwiches, which were traditional Vietnamese banh mi loaded with different meats. The sandwiches were substantial, but priced at just $4.50.

Rose's also served hot and iced coffee and tea, fresh rolls, beef patties, desserts, ice cream, snacks, and smoothies.

Many people from the neighbourhood replied to Doss's Facebook post saying how missed Rose will be in the community, and how felt her presence in the area has always been, but also wishing her a very happy retirement. Lots of people noted her sandwiches were their favourite.

Rose's Vietnamese Sandwiches will be closing up on Jan. 1, 2022.

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