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Toronto street food restaurant permanently closes only a year after opening

A Hong Kong snack bar in Toronto has announced they've permanently closed, just shy of making it to their one-year anniversary.

New business Oh Snack! just opened in February 2021, and they've now suddenly announced they've closed this past weekend.

The snack bar that centred around Hong Kong culture served milk tea, egg sandwiches, macaroni satay soup, French toast bites and fried rice.

"We are devastated to close the business," reads an Instagram post from Oh Snack! They say the effects of lockdowns are preventing them from continuing with the business.

"There goes the BEST curry fish balls in town," someone commented. "Noooo!!! I hope you open up a new place in the future," commented someone else.

"So sad to hear this!! I work right across the street from you and LOVE your food!!!! Best of luck to all of you and I will definitely stop by before the closing," wrote one commenter.

The last day open for the business was Dec. 11.

"We hope to continue serving delicious food in the future," reads the post from Oh Snack!

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