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This new Toronto restaurant is perfecting the art of ugly pizza

A new Toronto source for pizza is so unconcerned whether their pizzas are "ugly," they actually named themselves "Bad Toss."

The frozen pizza delivery service makes pies that are supposed to be homestyle in feel, somewhere between a grandma pie and a bar pie.

They even innovated their product with toppings on the side you can add on yourself for a bit of interactivity, so even though you're not making the pizza yourself from scratch you still get that feel of a true pizza night at home.

"I joke with my friends and say, this is the best frozen pizza you buy to pass off as your own," Bad Toss founder Robert Frier tells blogTO.

You know you can trust Frier with making your frozen pizza because he came up at McDonald's during the coveted McPizza era. He also obsessively delved into YouTube videos of different techniques and ideas during lockdowns.

He later became a vendor at carnivals: Bad Toss is actually an innovation that came out of carnivals not being able to operate recently.

"We started putting together recipes for this projects almost half a year ago when we realized we needed to take another year off from a seasonal business we ran at the carnivals, rib fests and big events," says Frier.

"Our seasonal business was selling those vegetables on a stick and other carnival foods under a canopy and we just were not comfortable doing that."

Frier has enjoyed working multiple part-time jobs over the last decade, but soon found "every job I had was gone in an instant." He also has a baby daughter to support at home who's just around a year old.

"Between brainstorming new ideas for a business revamp the last one-point-five-ish years and taking care of my partner and now the little baby it's been quite a trying time," says Frier.

Unable to afford a brick and mortar, Frier found himself leaning towards starting a frozen pizza business, noticing it becoming a trend

"We have begun recently with The Bad Toss, which is a funny name to poke fun at the crazy toppings we may use, our carnival background, and the shape which isn't a classic circle," says Frier.

While they do classics like cheese, pepperoni and Margherita ($12 each), their "crazier" varieties include an east coast donair pizza ($14), and a "carnival" pizza ($17) topped with sliced corn dogs, diced pickle and jalapeno cheddar sauce that also has fried jalapeno and onion to finish on your own.

All pizzas can be ordered online for delivery via their website.

"While we haven't overcome many things we hope success for this new business. I was gifted the time to learn new skills like social, media, being a dad, cooking tons of pizza and have been blessed by everyone's help to get me started," says Frier.

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