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Toronto restaurant owner upset after someone leaves insulting review

A Toronto restaurant owner is upset after he found an insulting review about himself on his business' Google page. 

John Xue, the owner of Sang-Ji Fried Bao in North York, says he woke up on Tuesday morning to see that someone had left a one star review for his restaurant. 

"I thought maybe there was something we weren't doing well, so I wanted to take a look at it," said Xue. 

Someone named "jay" wrote the review, claiming that Xue has zero integrity for refusing a collaboration with him. He also accuses Xue of stealing an idea from him about a business offer. 

"I just feel like this is unacceptable, sounds like somebody is making things up," said Xue in response. 

Xue tells blogTO that he's never gotten any offers to do a collaboration for his restaurant with anybody before. 

"My guys are pulling at least 12 hours everyday, I'm here 24/7, we're trying our best to keep the consistency of the food and service, but this is personal," says Xue.

The review caught the owner off-guard, especially since he has been struggling to find enough staff to work at his restaurant. In general, restaurants in Toronto are struggling while dealing with a mass shortage of staff

Xue posted about the insulting review on Instagram as a way to express his frustration. 

"I don't mind if people give me one star for my food or service, if they feel we're not doing that great, but if they talk about my personality, that's something I've gotta retaliate," Xue tells blogTO. 

The owner got many responses on the post of people saying the reviewer was wrong to write what he did. 

"Sorry that you have to go through this. That review has been flagged. Hopefully it gets removed," said droid801, an Instagram user. 

Many current customers commented to reassure Xue that the reviewer is just a hater. 

"You guys are amazing! Having the best baos, hands down across the country. Haters gonna hate, do not let them impact you. Super happy for your success," said Aakriti Hiteshi over Instagram. 

Xue was grateful to see that his customers had his back, saying he has many supportive regulars who often line up just to have a taste of his food. 

Xue says if he had a chance to speak with the reviewer himself, he would let them know just how hard his team is working to be a successful restaurant. 

"Google Reviews are for the guests to judge the service and the food, not someone's personality," said Xue. 

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John Xue 

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