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People concerned that bars and restaurants in Toronto not all checking for vaccine passports

As Toronto's vaccine passport moves confusingly ahead like so many other systems we've tried to put in place after coming out of lockdown, some people are concerned the passports aren't being checked by bars and restaurants.

Right now, in order to dine inside a restaurant in Toronto, you have to comply with Ontario's proof of vaccination system which requires both showing your ID and having a QR code scanned and approved.

But many in Toronto suggest the system is not working as intended.

Various media reports and social media postings suggests that restaurants and bars are not always checking passports and scanning the QR codes.

Others claim that restaurants are too lax with their checking and enforcement.

A restaurant at the Toronto Eaton Centre is one that's been called out for asking customers for contact tracing info and vaccine certificates but allegedly not bothering to check customer IDs or scan QR codes.

And it's not just restaurants in Toronto either. Some in Hamilton have been publicly slammed for not enforcing vaccine passports, and even playing fast and loose with mask rules.

Of course, it's not all on restaurants to ensure that the processes are being followed. Many have blamed customers for deliberately trying to evade checks.

The concerns about enforcement have even prompted Mayor Tory to weigh-in on the issue. In a recent statement to the media, Tory dismissed the notion that there was a widespread issue, claiming that he's been checked for vax proof every time he goes out to eat.

Based on firsthand accounts on social media it appears Tory's experience may not be representative of the general population.

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