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Video shows man with service dog being forcefully kicked out of an Ontario restaurant

A video, widely circulating online, shows a difficult-to-watch encounter between a man with a service dog being kicked out of a restaurant.

A man is heard yelling, "leave me alone, get off of me," at the start of a video, posted on YouTube and Facebook. He is in a scuffle with two other men at the exit of Milton's Restaurant in Kitchener.

Milton's Restaurant could not be reached for comment on the incident. But the Waterloo Regional Police Service reported they are investigating a "disturbance involving individuals at a restaurant" on Nov. 10 around 6:40 p.m.

At first, it isn't clear what caused the argument and why the man is being asked to leave. The two men are seen holding the other man.

"We asked you to leave a hundred times," one man says.

"I didn't do anything wrong," says the man who is a customer.

A dog with a vest is walking around at their feet and the two men are grabbing the customer, seemingly to forcefully remove him.

The customer says the staff members came up to him "out of nowhere" and he asked who they were. They continue to ask him to "get out."

The man says he has the dog's license.

"I have done nothing wrong," he says.

The men tell him he is trespassing and that he is disrupting the business, to which he responds that he hasn't done anything to warrant being kicked out and he is calling the police.

"You're an idiot," one man says.

The men grab him again and another customer asks the staff to stop.

"Stop touching him, leave him alone, you are hurting him," she says as the man is tackled to the ground.

"We want him out of here," one man says.

"He's got a service dog," the woman says.

The vest on dog is not clear in the video but under Ontario AODA law, "if a person with a disability is accompanied by a guide dog or other service animal, the provider of goods or services shall ensure that the person is permitted to enter the premises with the animal and to keep the animal with him or her unless the animal is otherwise excluded by law from the premises."

This is not the first time a customer with a service dog has been denied entry to a restaurant. This summer a woman with a service dog was refused entry to a Richmond Hill restaurant.

The man in Kitchener stands his ground.

"I am on the right side of the law and I am not leaving," he says.

But, eventually, the video ends with the man getting up and walking toward the exit with his dog.

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Screen shot via Jeff Roy

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