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Dill pickle nuggets are now available at Burger King and people have thoughts

Dill pickle chicken nuggets have just launched at Burger King restaurants in Toronto, and people have thoughts. 

The fast food restaurant posted to their Canadian social media accounts on Nov. 22, saying, "we're in a pickle. and we like it," introducing the new dill pickle chicken nuggets. An eight-piece order costs $2.99.

Opinions on the new product are definitely divided, people immediately replying to Burger King's tweet, "That looks horrible" and "this sounds delicious" (to which Burger King replied, "it is").

People in the United States are already jealous that we're getting the special pickle nuggets.

One person is even considering a trip to the border to give them a try.

Here in Canada, people are already trying them out with mixed results, one person calling them "interesting."

Another suspects they may have unfortunately made them ill.

Maybe the fine tuning of the recipe is just a bit off, as someone suggested "something's not right."

However, a lot of people are also agreeing they "slaaapppp."

Someone else said they really "got something."

Another person was so enthusiastic they said they'd scarf the entire inventory.

Others are still just dumbfounded at the news that dill pickle chicken nuggets are even a real thing now.

Overall, a lot of people are just excited to try the new item and see what that pickle flavour is all about.

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Amy Carlberg

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