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Vancouver store famous for its hard-to-find snacks is opening its first Toronto location

From Key Lime Pie KitKats to Twinkies Iced Lattes, there are a ton of rare and interesting snacks not sold at your local convenience store.

Heck, the rest of the world doesn't even have ketchup chips but search no further as a rare snack shop is opening in Toronto.

Dank Mart, a popular rare snack shop based in Vancouver, announced they're opening a location here in the city.

Even though Toronto has a ton of great candy stores to get your fix, this store is every snack lover's dream. From international snacks to cereal, Dank Mart has you covered.

Their shelves are filled with hard-to-find snacks like the beloved discontinued Dunkaroos, Pitch Black Mountain Dew, and Jelly Belly Krispy Kreme jellybeans.

Dank Mart has walls of cereal flavours you haven't even heard of, chips, candies, and drinks.

There are currently only two locations in Vancouver, with the expansion of the Toronto store being its third.

There haven't been any details about the new location but an announcement is expected soon.

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Dank Mart

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