chapmans ice cream boycott

People are buying Chapman's ice cream as a big F-U to anti-vaxxers

People have started buying Chapman's Ice Cream in an effort to boycott a counter movement started by anti-vaxxers against the company. 

Earlier this month, Chapman's announced they'd be giving a $1 raise to all employees who are fully-vaccinated

For unvaccinated employees, the company's policy states they must take two rapid tests a week, which Chapman's pays for. 

In response to the policy, workers who are refusing the vaccine started a boycott movement, asking the public not to buy Chapman's products. 

On top of that, the Chapman family who runs the company has received a series of threats and violent reactions from anti-vaxxer groups and their promoters. 

A new movement has emerged however, those in favour of the vaccine are now calling on people to buy Chapman's products as much as possible, to counteract the actions of the anti-vaxxer boycott. 

With this pro-vaccine movement, it seems people are hoping to prove to the company how much they appreciate them priortizing health and safety.  

A hashtag called #IStandWithChapmans has taken over social media, with those in favour of the vaccines showing out for the beloved Canadian-grown company.

Others just feel straight up bad about the violence the company has faced since the anti-vaxxer attack.

Regardless of the attempted boycott of products by anti-vaxxers, Chapmans says none of it has affected numbers of their sales.

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