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Toronto donut shop has permanently closed and it's already become something else

A donut shop that used to be one of Toronto's most popular is no more, but a new and different kind of donuts already appear to be taking their place.

Von Doughnuts may have been known for their gourmet take on the sweet treat, but it looks like Vlad Bakery that's opened in the same spot is doing Polish food that includes paczki (Polish doughnuts).

Apparently the Von sign is still up on the storefront. The last social media posts from Von are from May of this year.

A sign outside indicates they should also have cookies, tarts, cheesecake, bread, cannoli, pie and birthday cakes, as well as hot items like pierogies, potato pancakes, meatballs, cabbage rolls and stuffed peppers.

"Cabbage rolls? Potato pancakes? Perogies? I have died and gone to heaven," someone commented on a post about the new arrival in a local Facebook group.

"I went in last week specifically for a Von Donut and instead picked up a couple of delicious plum and custard paczki," someone else commented. "I will be back for some of the hot food. The cabbage rolls looked amazing."

"My husband will be stoked," another person commented. "This is what he grew up eating."

At least for now, the Vlad appears to be very low tech, with little internet presence. blogTO was unable to reach Vlad for comment by phone. 

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Jesse Milns

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