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Orchards are now open for apple picking at Ontario farms

Ontario farms are now opening their orchards for apple picking, and nothing signals the coming of fall like biting into a crisp apple you picked with your own two hands.

Pingle's Farm just a few minutes east of Oshawa recently opened up their very own sunflower experience, but they've been offering pick-your-own apples for much longer. Their pick-your-own orchard opens Sept. 7, and they're now taking bookings on their website.

That date is also the beginning of their Harvest Festival, which you can check out on weekends if you want more of an adventurous, full-on farm experience.

On weekends, apple picking is $10 for a 24-pound bag and $39 for a 20-pound bag, plus weekend general admission of $15. Apple picking prices are the same on weekdays, but admission is only $5, though of course there won't be any extra festival fun.

Applewood Farm has a slightly earlier apple picking opening date of Sept. 4. They don't take reservations and encourage paying by card to minimize contact, and masks are mandatory to ride the wagon.

They're also doing 10- or 20-pound bags, and available apple varieties will include Honeycrisp, Cortland, Red Delicious, Spartan, Empire,
Honeygold, Royal Gala, Ginger Gold and Spencer.

Picking for some apple varieties like Sweet 16, Zestar and Paula Red opened at Brooks Farms on Aug. 28. Five-pound bags are $15, 10-pound bags are $25 and 20-pound bags are $42.

JC Agri Orchards has a slightly later opening weekend of Sept. 10. They remind people to bring face masks and encourage you to use your own bags for apples sold by the pound.

One of the most popular farms around for apple picking is Chudleigh's, which is open now with peak picking in September and October. They have over 47,500 trees across 60 acres, with rare varietals like Silken, Sunrise and Kerr Mini.

Apple picking is now open at Downey's Farm, with an $8 picking fee and masks required when physical distancing isn't possible or on wagon rides.

Gala apples were ready starting Sept. 3 at Dixie Orchards, and no reservations are required if you're only picking apples. Admission is $3, with apples going for $10 for five pounds or $20 for 10 pounds.

Pick your own apples on a first come, first serve basis at Albion Orchards, where they recommend you bring cash to speed things along and sell apples for $20 for a 10-pound bag and $40 for a 20-pound bag.

Sept. 4 is the opening date for apple picking at Watson Farms, when you can start getting your hands on some Ginger Golds. Varieties like Gala, Honeycrisp, Fuji, Cortland and Empire will be available in future weeks.

McIntosh apples are available for picking at Pine Farms Orchard starting Labour Day weekend, and all apples are sold by weight for $2 a pound.

Pick your own apples from an orchard of over 10,000 trees at Archibald's Winery starting Sept. 11.

Apple season began Aug. 26 at Organics Farm, starting with varieties like Pristine, Ginger Gold, Sunrise and Red Free. Varieties like Spencer, Sparta, Liberty and Ambrosia will be available later in the season.

This list will give you more options for other popular orchards for apple picking near Toronto.
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