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How one of the original craft breweries has survived 30 years in Toronto

These days you can't walk down the street in Toronto without passing by a handful of craft breweries during your stroll, however that wasn't always the case.

Back in 1991 when Granite Brewery first opened in Toronto, they were one of the only craft beer spots in town and now decades later, they're celebrating 30 years of calling Canada's largest city home.

The family run brewery had its first location open in Halifax in 1986, before a Toronto location was opened up five years later exposing the city to Granite's English-style fermentation ales which at the time was completely new to Canada.

"My dad said when they first opened here the Ontario craft brew scene could fit at the bar in this location. As time goes on now there's tons and tons," Sam Keefe, General Manager at Granite Brewery told blogTO.

"It started off as a small operation, we still had to carry those big core brands like Coors and Molson just to get people to come into the bar."

Decades later and it couldn't be more different. Now the craft beer scene is filled with beer-loving enthusiasts who want nothing more than a quality drink.

"We were able to ride that wave of the industry growing, we've always been around and became sort of the heritage brand. We've stuck to our guns with the styles we do and haven't really changed our brand with the styles we offer," Keefe explained.

While many breweries experiment with sours and tropical flavours, Granite's open fermentation style is better suited for ales, stouts, and more traditional British style beers.

That isn't to say the brand doesn't experiment on its own however, as Granite recently acquired their first closed fermentor which allowed them to create a brand new New England IPA.

While restrictions prevent the throwing of a massive party to celebrate the 30th anniversary, the Granite team will be releasing their 30th anniversary ale as of this coming Monday as well as specials on all their house favourites.

Many things have changed in this city over the past 30 years but Granite has been one staple that has stuck around thanks to their passion and quality beers.

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