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Toronto restaurant wasn't paid by Uber Eats for over a month

A Toronto restaurant that hasn't been paid by Uber Eats in over a month has turned to social media to air their issues after struggling to get a response from the delivery app company.

"We've emailed and submitted docusigned documents to correct four digits on our bank information; we've called numerous times to follow up and all we get is the promise of a callback within the hour. It's been more than 72 hours since our last call and we haven't heard from you," Nozomi posted to social media on Monday.

"We haven't been paid for more than a month and the month previous to that, the payment went to the wrong bank. During this time, Uber Eats continues to deduct its 20-30% commission. We are a small business on a very tight budget with expenses and a very hardworking staff who need to get paid."

Nozomi does Asian-inspired comfort food: think fried chicken sandwiches, rice bowls and homemade cookies. It's owned by husband and wife team Jahan Carluen and Ailene Carluen, and they've been providing meals to frontline workers during the pandemc.

The business owners been dealing with this Uber Eats issue since May 21, when they requested to change their banking info from RBC to BMO.

"Our other service partners, Square, Paypal, Ritual, let us update the info immediately on our own right in the online merchant portal. Uber Eats requires a request to be emailed to their restaurant support team," Jahan Carluen tells blogTO.

"They replied the day after and sent us a docusign document that we completed and sent back. On June 14, 2021, we received an email from Uber confirming that our bank info had been updated. The last payment from Uber, sent to the wrong bank, was on June 15, 2021."

The restaurant is supposed to get daily deposits, but ended up not getting paid for three weeks, and noticed the transit and institution numbers on their Uber portal were wrong. They contacted Uber about the issue July 5, getting a reply back the next day saying there was an error in the bank code.

Despite completing the same process with a docusign document and getting confirmation that the info was updated again on July 7, the wrong numbers were still in the portal.

"We emailed to have it corrected ASAP but haven't heard back since. We've also tried calling their call centre numerous times but all they tell us to do is email the same department who isn't replying to us," says Carluen.

"We've been promised callbacks from managers that never happen either. After Ailene called them again Saturday night, we received an email with a new case number saying that 'one of our representatives will get in touch with you regarding this matter' Sunday morning. No one from Uber has reached out."

If the issue, which took two minutes for them to correct on other platforms, isn't fixed soon, the next step for Nozomi will be contacting their MP.

"We're committed to providing reliable service to our restaurant partners. Our team is looking into this issue, and we've reached out to Nozomi Kitchen to learn more about their experience. We hope to resolve this immediately," an Uber spokesperson told blogTO Monday.

The company then followed up on Tuesday to say the issue has now been resolved.

"An account manager, not ours, apparently took it upon himself to make the changes on their system to reflect the correct transit number," says Carluen. "They didn't provide a reason for the delay."

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