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Toronto restaurant claps back at customer who posted negative review to social media

When a customer posted a review to social media that was less than favourable, the Toronto restaurant it was about didn't hesitate to respond.

While honest reviews always help everyone stay informed about what businesses are really like, restaurants been through one of the toughest times in history recently, so maybe right now isn't necessarily the best time to nitpick. 

The account @timanourzeats, which is run by two bloggers and describes itself as "Bringing you Halal hot spots to discover," posted a review of Bar Reyna last week in which they praised the service, patio and taste of the food, but also said they had to "try my hardest to stop laughing when the waitress brought my food."

"The food proportion was not at all what I expected and felt bamboozled. Two small tacos was $20 and the lamb baklava was a single tiny little piece for $7. After paying $30 after taxes and extra for parking as this place was situated in downtown, I left dissatisfied and very hungry," reads the review.

"Hi Tima, we're so sorry you felt this way," the restaurant responded to the review posted on Instagram.

"Due to the increases in costs all around, our menu prices have changed slightly, but with that we're confident that the full experience we provide is reflected in our menu pricing."

The response goes on to say that portion sizes and pricing are clearly laid out on the restaurant's website and that those two items are actually among their most popular. They also outlined that they've been dealing with being closed for nearly a year, rising rent prices and price hikes for quality ingredients.

"It's disheartening to think that someone we try our very best to provide the best service, experience, vibe and serving only the best quality ingredients…would feel that way and even more so feel the need to share," the restaurant's long response says.

"I encourage you to please review menus online and understand what you are getting into before arriving at a restaurant and having a good experience but then feeling the need to share negative comments online. It will only hurt our industry more."

"I don't think it's sincere for you to acknowledge that I have an opinion and then become manipulative when we share opposite experiences and perceptions of what's valuable and fair," the bloggers replied on Instagram.

"I'm sorry you're struggling with staff and rent but none of those factors are direct responsibilities of mine. I am very disappointed in your response. I hope your social team can take a more mature stance in the future."

Steven B from Reyna's social team tells blogTO that the restaurant had never received this kind of feedback before, and that they were shocked.

"You don't come to Yorkville for 'value' and big portions. You come for an experience. Great vibes and a great overall time. It's what we're known for. Why she felt the need to go on a rant was inconsiderate, and distasteful," Steven B says.

"Never in all my years of working in this industry have I seen someone do such a thing… especially in these difficult times we all know restaurants are facing. Why she felt the need to do that was mind boggling and I just could not sit back and not say something." 

He says her remarks about holding back laughter in her initial post were "just plain rude."

The bloggers who run @timanourzeats have yet to respond to blogTO's request for comment.

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Hector Vasquez

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