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Secret menu at Toronto ice cream joint lets you order a cone with 11 scoops

The secret menu at an iconic Toronto ice cream shop now lets you load up a cone with a whopping 11 scoops. You just have to know how to ask for it.

Summer's Ice Cream has always been a little bit hidden with its subterranean location in Yorkville, but now has a whole menu that's entirely concealed from view. You have to know about it to get the zany treats they've created.

"The idea was inspired by all the secret menus fans and patrons of notable coffee shop brands that spread on social media like wild fire," Steven Branco from the Summer's social team tells blogTO.

"We thought, why not create a fun secret, not so secret, menu that's only promoted on social media to encourage people to follow the brand to find out what new interesting combinations we come up."

Their first idea was a huge ice cream cone "bouquet" with as many as 11 scoops, though they're open to trying to top that.

"No specific flavours, but we typically like to go wild with the more colourful ones on top and thicker chocolatey ones on the bottom, to help keep it together," says Branco. 

"Beware of sorbets, as they melt very quickly. The inspiration behind it was was actually from a GIF we found on Instagram and thought we'd give it a try, and it stuck."

Also on the secret menu is "The Cookie Cookie," a double scoop of their "Cookie Cookie" ice cream made with Oreos topped with mini Oreos, a full size Oreo and cookie crumbs.

They're also doing secret ice cream sammies like one they did for Pride called the "Unicorn Sammie." They sandwiched birthday cake ice cream between chocolate chip cookies and rolled it in sprinkles, then topped it with whipped cream, sprinkles and a kiddie cone dipped in chocolate and sprinkles for a "unicorn horn" look.

They also made a shake out of the same ingredients, and donated a dollar from all Pride orders to local Toronto organization The 519.

Summer's didn't leave furry friends out of the secret menu fun, either. They're also doing "Pupscoops," kind of like "puppaccinos" but in a cone: just a little of their doggie-safe house-made whipped cream.

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