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Toronto's newest ice cream joint serves it with shredded cheese on top

Cheese and ice cream, a combination that you may not originally think of when it comes to a sweet treat - but hey, that's probably what they said the first time cheesecake was introduced. 

The newly opened Jops Creamery located at 437 Yonge St, may just make you reevaluate the sweet and savoury mixture. 

According to the website, "We are excited to announce the first location in Toronto of the first and best artisan ice cream with cheese specially made to give you the best explosion of tastes that you ever tried." 

The Latin American delicacy is served as a sundae with layers of ice cream, fruit and whipped cream topped with shredded soft cheese. 

Owner of Jops Creamery, Joel Orellana tells blogTO that "We use a fresh Latin cheese from Ecuador. It's not too salty or too sweet, it's just right." 

Upon asking what the cheese is like, Orellana explained that "The cheese is delicately milky, slightly spongey then grated or crumbled liberally on traditional dishes in South America."

The ice cream shop is set up inside Hangry Burger.

"People come in for a burger and discover us with this new creation and people are excited to try it because it is new to the city," said Orellana. 

Ice cream flavours include: coconut, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, cappuccino, cookies n cream, pistachio almond, sorbet-mango and sorbet raspberry. 

Individual scoops ($5.49) are available and you have the option to try their specialty cheese topping (+$1.50) and choose between a fruit base of strawberries, peaches or a mix (+$1.00).  

A popular menu item is the Toronto Favorite ($12.99) which is 2 scoops of ice cream and fruit of choice,  homemade whipped cream and a portion of special cheese on top.  

Everything is better with cheese, right?  

The ice cream parlour is open from Monday - Thursday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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