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Toronto's newest Insta-worthy food is a croissant that's also a cheeseboard

A croissant that's also a cheeseboard has been sweeping Toronto Instagram accounts, and it's almost too beautiful to eat.

The creation comes to us courtesy of the pastry geniuses at Tempered Room, and was regularly available on weekends for a while but is becoming more scarce. Thankfully, they're releasing them for Father's Day.

Their truffled croissant cheeseboard presents cheeses, preserves, fruits, nuts, truffled honey and smoked goat's cheese mousse on a "board" made of croissant dough (it even has a little handle). Think grilled brie and pickled black walnuts.

The croissants come in sizes for an individual for $22, for two for $38, and for four for $72. They recommend larger sizes as they're better value, fit more components and look beautiful.

The cafe posted about creating the croissants around New Year's on Instagram.

"We missed catering this time of year terribly. We were known for our lavish cheese and chacaturie boards, harvest tables, fruit displays, and interactive raw and transformed crudite terrariums," the caption to the post read.

"But we were still determined to ring in the New Year with something that allowed us to recreate that feeling."

It's not the first time the cafe known for their creativity has dazzled social media with their presentation prowess: they're known for items like stunning breakfast tarts, danishes, croissant and vol-au-vents.

While the boards are only back temporarily for Father's Day for now, maybe if enough social media foodies demand them the cafe will make their cheeseboard croissants a regular thing again.

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