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Toronto mother-and-daughter team are making Mexican food that sells out weekly

A mother and daughter are the latest team in Toronto making Mexican food that keeps selling out week after week.

Hilda Jaimes always wanted to open a Mexican restaurant, and her daughter Karina Sanchez had been pushing her to follow her dream before the pandemic struck and dashed her hopes of opening a dine-in operation.

In place of that they started up Mi Gusto Es (which translates literally to "my taste is"), a Mexican food service available for delivery or pickup.

"Because of the pandemic I was unable to open a restaurant, but we decided to change the idea," Jaimes tells blogTO. "I've always enjoyed cooking Mexican food."

Sanchez is entering her first year of university studying criminology in September, and Jaimes has a virtual job as procurement and planning director of Premium Shirts in Mexico.

They launched Mi Gusto Es together around the end of 2020, getting operations going in February.

Together, Jaimes and Sanchez put together kits to create Mexican feasts at home, including dishes like pambazo sandwiches, enchiladas, tamales and tacos. 

Every week, at least one item sells out.

The business now has two part-time employees helping Jaimes and Sanchez out.

Prices range from $35 for kits for items like pambazos, al pastor tacos and sopes to $48 for birria kits, and they take orders through Instagram, Facebook or by phone. Each kit is meant to feed two to four people.

There's a delivery fee of $5 for every 20 kilometres, or you can pick up from their kitchen at 1269 Weston Rd.

They also make morita and guacamole style sauce, and their kits and products are also available through Tienda Movil.

"My daughter was the one that pushed me to follow my dream," Jaimes says.

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