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Toronto's first location of famous Chinese chain known for crispy burgers is now open

Toronto just got its first location of a Chinese chain that serves crispy burgers they say are inspired by "the world's oldest burgers," influenced by food eaten in the Qin dynasty over 2,000 years ago.

Called Bingz in Canada, the chain now has over 60 locations and has sold millions of crispy burgers.

Toronto's very first location of its own just soft opened on May 23 at 3229 Hwy 7 E to snaking lineups, selling out their first day.

The brand's signature crispy burger actually isn't made with beef like typical burgers we're used to in Canada (although there is a beef version), but Ontario pork hock stewed with 32 spices.

Instead of a soft, puffy burger bun, meat is sandwiched between a crispy, flaky bread, which Bingz bakes in house.

There's also a spicy cumin pork loin, black pepper beef and veggie sandwich on the menu, as well as wonton soup, hot and sour noodles and cold noodle salad for sides. Wash it all down with some plum cold brew or soybean milk.

These kinds of pork burgers are known as rou jia mo and are a popular street food consumed all over China.

The chain was founded in Beijing in April 2014 by two former techies and served a million burgers within its first year.

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