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This Ontario baker just roasted a one-star review from an anti-masker

The owner of a family-run bakery located about two hours from Toronto just did the Google Review equivalent of a mic drop on an anti-masker. 

Elmvale Bakery, which sits just a quick drive from Wasaga Beach, received a one-star review earlier this week on Google from a Google-designated "local guide" named Joe who accused them of "medical discrimination." 

The review was promptly deleted by Google, but the 10-star reply from Elmvale's owner Chris Etzinger was screenshotted and saved by his brother, Bernie. 

The screenshot has since been shared on Twitter and received  thousands of reactions over the last two days.

In the epic response, Etzinger thanks the customer for their review and reiterates that people with medical exemptions are always offered the option of curbside pickup. 

To nobody's surprise, it's revealed that the 'medical discrimination' the reviewer implied was simply being asked to wear a mask while inside the store.

Etzinger then takes the disappointment route and proceeds to berate the Google reviewer for being silly.

"Joe, you should know better. Better yet, use Google. It can be your friend, and it too, accommodates without discrimination," wrote Etzinger. 

"Joe, bullying family businesses with one star reviews reveals character. Character is free, but hard to obtain." 

The tweet's comment section has since been flooded with people rallying behind Etzinger and other business owners who've faced all sorts of abuse while enforcing safety measures.

Some are planning to make the trip out to the small town just to show their support for the bakery (when it's safe, anyway).

Apparently they have great donuts and pie. 

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Elmvale Bakery

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