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Bubble tea ice cream has finally made it to Toronto and here's where you can get it

Bubble tea ice cream is now officially a thing , with the international East Asian trend landing in Toronto just in time for summer 2021.

Toronto's actually been a little slow on the uptake. Xing Fu Tang launched soft serve last spring in B.C., but is just bringing it here this spring. Their bubble tea soft serve is only available at Canadian locations.

"We are excited that Ontario finally gets to enjoy our famous signature brown sugar boba with soft serve," Xing Fu Tang Canada general manager Nelson Lam tells blogTO.

"It's one of a kind innovation that brings the best of both worlds together."

Gong Cha just soft-launched their bubble tea soft serve in May, planning on an official full launch for June 4. It should be available at North York, Mississauga and Midland locations.

Not only that, Gong Cha is taking their soft serve to the next level with matcha, Earl Grey and original flavours, and can be topped with red bean as well as tapioca. The soft serve is available in a cup, with a cone or with their bubble waffles.

The Taiwanese king of bubble tea ice cream, TP Tea, touched down in Toronto last year, and though the brand is known for their bubble tea ice cream, they're only introducing it in Toronto this summer.

Boba's been incorporated into pancakes in Toronto, so why not soft serve? The viral ingredient not only ensures your ice cream photos will get a ton of likes, it also adds a tasty element that's rarely out of place in even the most unexpected dishes.

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