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This Toronto store will give you free candy for getting vaccinated

A Toronto store is offering free candy to anyone who's been vaccinated, as if it weren't enough of a reward in itself.

Online Latin American food store Sombrero Latin Foods wants to encourage everyone they can to get the vaccine, and they're doing so the best way they (or any crafty parents, really) know how: by bribing people with free candy.

The candy in question is a bundle of five chocolate bars, specifically their Samba and Susy chocolate wafer bars. 

They may not be familiar to all Canadians, but those who enjoy Latin American candy are likely to recognize the Venezuelan brands. The candy will even come with a personalized note of congratulations. 

"It's a small thing, just a way helping keep our spirits and patience up during these times," Corina Pardo of Sombrero Latin Foods tells blogTO.

"It's mostly just exhaustion from everything being so negative; needed a little pick-me-up."

To get your free candy, you can prove you've been vaccinated by tagging Sombrero Latin Foods in a selfie, sending them a photo directly or coming by to show them.

You can even collect the goodies if you don't qualify by helping a relative or neighbour book and attend their appointment, or simply helping inform and motivate those that qualify right now.

"It's been a rough year and now that the vaccines are finally here, the process is not super straightforward and information is constantly changing," says Pardo.

"It's not a secret that there's frustration and impatience around us. So, our small way of contributing is by giving away a treat to congratulate those that get their vaccinations and making it a small celebration."

They'll be giving away candy while supplies last, and you can collect it by adding it onto your next online order or picking up in person.

"The response so far has been super positive, people join in the celebration when they see others get their shot," says Pardo.

"We don't think the treat is the main driver behind the response, but instead the positive energy and hope that this will soon be over."

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