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How a Toronto restaurant finally got government help to save them from closing

A Toronto restaurant has announced they've gotten the help they so desperately need from the government's Ontario Small Business Grant.

Oyster Boy owner Adam Colquhoun announced on Thursday in a post to Toronto Facebook group Food and Wine Industry Navigator that they had finally received their grant after almost three full months of waiting.

"We applied January 15, sometimes it takes quite long. If you have applied and are still waiting, stay hopeful," reads the post. "I did call or email once every 5 days. Last email was basically begging, but we got it."

Oyster Boy has been vocal about issues that have been raging in the hospitality community during the pandemic, such as poor treatment of restaurant workers and ethical lobster sourcing.

"Not sure why it took so long. Bureaucracy I imagine. We will use these funds to invest in the future. Pay rent, utilities and train new staff for when we open," Colquhoun told blogTO.

Many comments on his Facebook post congratulate the restaurant for receiving their grant, while a few others mention that they've also gotten their grants after waiting a while. If anything, seeing a few restaurants get the help they deserve is a flickering light at the end of the tunnel for many others.

"Can't wait to come after the restrictions are lifted," reads one comment.

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