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People in Toronto are loving these personalized Dunkaroos with a Mini Egg dip

If you've found yourself nostaglic for the king of playground treats, Dunkaroos, a Toronto bakery is here to make your dreams come true with an artisanal, totally custom version that's only available for a limited time.

Technically, they're called DunkaYOUs, made by Fill Me Up, Buttercup! which usually specializes in cupcakes. Right now, they're doing temporary pop-up items like carrot cake trifle, Mini Egg sandwich cookies and the DunkaYOUs.

"I started baking as a child, so going back to my childhood memories of sweet treats is a huge influence on what I decide to create. I wanted to replicate the classic Dunkaroo box as much as possible but with a modern flair," Alana Mammoliti of Fill Me Up, Buttercup! told blogTO.

"It's so important to perfect each element in the box so pure vanilla bean is used in the sugar cookies for the ultimate tasting product. The signature buttercream dip was a science experiment in itself. You need to nail that. Move over buttercream with sprinkles, it's time to bring in the crushed Mini Eggs."

The result of Mammoliti's attempt at replication is a box rivalling Tiffany's filled with tiny vanilla bean sugar cookies and a Mini Egg dip. Boxes are $10 each, and can be customized so the cookies are imprinted with a single letter of your choice.

"I noticed especially during times like this where our loved ones can't surround us, people love sending a sweet gift to someone special. The personalized letter on the cookie for the recipient makes them the sweetest gift to send to a friend or family member. Food is love after all," says Mammoliti.

"I launched the DunkaYOUs with 100 units available to be sold. Everything was sold out within the first two hours. Looks like everyone missed Dunkaroos too. 

"I increased my availability slightly and expect to do about 500 boxes by Easter weekend. Unfortunately I'm just a one man show, makes for fun kitchen dancing, but these two hands can only take on so much."

Mammoliti's epic cupcakes she's become known for in the past included varieties like dulce de leche, candy cane, red velvet and cheesecake, and came with eye-popping toppings like brownies, pumpkin pie and even mini pancakes.

"Doing pop-up items is my favourite way to show my creative side and generates an ever-changing menu full of excitement and new options. The possibilities are endless and my ideas are forever flooding in. I love to bake and I bake what I love, and I will continue to pour that love into each and every order," says Mammoliti.

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Fill Me Up, Buttercup!

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