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Ontario doctor claps back after Toronto restaurant calls him out in scathing tweet

A doctor on Ontario's COVID-19 advisory science table has responded to a problematic tweet from the owners of Toronto restaurant Goods & Provisions

Last week, Goods & Provisions tweeted out a remark referencing David Fisman, an epidemiologist and profesor at University of Toronto. 

"If you're under 60 and in Toronto you've got a greater chance of dying from David Fisman hitting you with his car on the way to the bank to deposit an ETFO 'thank you' cheque than covid," said the restaurant last Thursday. 

Dr. Fisman, who is one of around 40 scientists on the Province's COVID-19 advisory tabel, came under fire in January for alleged conflict of interest due to paid work with the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario (EFTO). 

That allegation, which Premier Ford's office called "deeply concerning", has since been addressed by the COVID-19 advisory table, who declined Fisman' attempt to resign. The matter was deemed a non-issue, considering Fisman's work with ETFO was public knowledge.

Goods & Provisions is now being criticized for its comments, and a number of people have taken to social media vowing not to support restaurant owners Nikki Andriet and Dean Fletcher, who also run Riverside's The Comrade

The business' tweet has also been shared on a local Facebook community group, flagging the restaurant for making light of the pandemic's severity.

Fisman tweeted a response to Goods & Provisions Friday: "Apparently this is a pretty good restaurant, in happier times. Best of luck to you. You sound like classy people."

The restaurant has been actively expressing anger about ongoing lockdown on Twitter, along with viewpoints that go contrary to Ontario's health medical experts, comparing the government's handling of the pandemic to residential schools and WWII internment camps.

Goods & Provisions could not be reached for comment.

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