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This new Toronto burger joint names its entire menu after different superheroes

Avengers, assemble: it's a phrase that might seem less out of place in a movie than on a new burger joint's menu, but one restaurant is thinking outside the box with a superhero theme — and the gimmick might just save the day as they try to take off during this difficult time.

Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, Falcon, Black Widow, Vision and Dr. Strange are just some of the names of the freshly homemade burgers on the menu at Avengers Burger, and come with toppings like chicken tenders, onion rings, fried cheese, jalapeno salsa, fried eggs and beef bacon.

"My dad, Hassan Nehme, is the owner of Avengers Burger. It opened February of last year, just before the pandemic started which made it a rocky start, but luckily he's been gathering some traction and business has improved," Sarah Nehme, Hassan's daughter, told blogTO.

"Delivery was a huge asset as it was our main source of sales during the pandemic but we've managed to offer alternative options such as exclusive pick up offers and an online website to place an order for pick up."

They're hoping that superhero fans picking up on the attention-grabbing theme will encourage them to continue picking up more orders.

"We specifically wanted to make the menu items superhero-themed because we knew it would allow customers to talk about it, relate it to their favourite movie when reviewing the items and also point out its cheesiness," says Nehme.

"But overall we've had a good response, and people are starting to notice a good handmade burger place in Scarborough through word of mouth."

Movie theatres may still not be open in Toronto, but at least for the time being you can curl up with a good burger with the perfect theme name and binge a Marvel marathon.

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