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This is what you can do with those extra bags you have lying around in Toronto

We've all got them: those bags stuffed inside other bags under the sink, hanging off a cabinet hook, or just shoved wherever they'll be out of sight.

We save plastic, paper, reusable bags and gift bags with the intention of finding a purpose for them, whether it be as a future kitchen garbage bag or renewed for another shopping trip, but it can eventually feel like the supply will always outstrip the demand.

If you've been hoarding way more bags than you could ever need and are looking to clear the clutter with some spring cleaning, local Toronto business Pegasus Shoppe is looking to take them off your hands.

"We accept all kinds of bags, paper, plastic, and reusable. We are a not-for-profit secondhand store so the bags are used when people make purchases. All proceeds go to Pegasus Community Project, a day program for adults with developmental disabilities," Veronica MacLeod, Program Counsellor at Pegasus Shoppe told blogTO.

"People can donate by dropping by the store, which is at 931 Kingston Rd., when we are open between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday."

The thrift store has been around in the Kingston Village Road neighbourhood since 2001, and has mostly received donations of bags from local community members so far. All donations are currently being quarantined for three days.

"We are very lucky to have strong support from the community. Under usual circumstances, many of the adults we support volunteer in the store, doing things like ringing in and bagging purchases," says MacLeod.

Those that support this wonderful community shop need bags to carry their purchases home in, and with so many floating around in this city there's no reason they should have to use valuable resources to buy new ones. That bag of bags might just be an eyesore to you, but one person's trash can truly be another's treasure.

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Fareen Karim

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