patty cake toronto

Toronto's new takeout restaurant serves cheesecake and Jamaican patties

Jamaican patties and cheesecake may not seem like an iconic food duo such as burgers and fries, chips and salsa or bacon and eggs, but there's now a new takeout restaurant in Toronto where you can get both under one roof.

Patty Cake and Ice Cream is now serving up made-from-scratch halal jerk chicken, curry goat and spicy beef patties as well as strawberry, raspberry lemon, Oreo, chocolate and blueberry cheesecake (plus a few other fun favourites) at 2600 Eglinton Ave. E.

patty cake toronto

Owners Shawn and his wife are also behind another project called Rose's Halal Kitchen.

patty cake toronto

Shawn says it was through Rose's that they originally saw "there was a large demand for authentic halal Jamaican patties, so we decided to start Patty Cake & Ice Cream."

patty cake toronto

"At first we only had patties on the menu but then my wife and I decided to put cheesecake on the menu because she makes the most bomb cheesecakes ever," he told blogTO.

"And everyone loves Jamaican Patties and everyone loves cheesecake so we thought it would go good together.

"Then the ice cream was like the cherry on top. I got the idea from a older Jamaican man that has been helping and giving me advice along the way. So we have a variety of each product."

patty cake toronto

The beef and chicken patties are $2.50 each, $12 for a half dozen and $22 for a dozen; the curry goat patties $4 each, $20 for a half dozen and $40 for a dozen.

patty cake toronto

Cake slices are $7 and a whole eight-slice cake costs $50.

patty cake toronto

Their ice cream comes in a relatively standard range of flavours such as chocolate, vanilla, cotton candy, mango and cookie dough.

patty cake toronto

Additional items that can be found here include an Oreo sundae and stuffed patties.

patty cake toronto

Products can be ordered for delivery on Skip the Dishes or Uber, or you can call 647-342-CAKE, or come in to pick up.

patty cake toronto

"A lot of Muslims are very excited because prior to this the only way they could enjoy Jamaican beef patties were the frozen ones from the grocery store. I've had customers tell me ever since trying out patties they can never go back to the store bought frozen ones," says Shawn.

patty cake toronto

Pretty much anyone will tell you that nothing beats a piping hot fresh patty, so it's awesome that Patty Cake is offering up the local delicacy to a wider audience.

patty cake toronto

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Fareen Karim

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