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Toronto is getting the first reusable food delivery packaging in Canada

Toronto is being included in a pilot program of reusable delivery packaging called Loop, meaning we'll be some of the first in the country to give it a try.

The system by TerraCycle reimagines packaging various products in sleek reusable containers rather than the usual materials we simply dispose of. The grocery and household goods delivery service is launching to 5000 residents in Ontario, and has already been implemented in the US and Europe.

Some of the first products available to buy in the Loop packaging are Haagen-Dazs and Open Farm pet food, but there are hundreds of other products to browse. Whether it's ice cream or dog food, the containers are collected, professionally cleaned, refilled and reused using a tote delivery system.

"Our investment and founding partnership with Loop are just a couple of examples of how we are exploring innovative solutions and working with other leaders in the sustainability space," said Jayne
Payette, President, Ice Cream, Nestlé Canada.

"We are proud to partner with Loop to bring a new way to shop - waste-free - with the Canadian debut of the Häagen-Dazs reusable container."

Open Farm is actually the global platform's first-ever pet food partner.

"Joining the Loop Store has been an important step in continuing to pioneer ways to reduce our environmental impact; it's the perfect way to offer consumers a waste-free option," said Isaac Langleben, Co-Founder and CEO of Open Farm.

"We believe Canadians are ready for lowering their package-waste footprint, and we are excited to be able to continue to extend our mission to more consumers."

Coffee, oats, chocolate chips and craisins are just some of the innovatively packaged products that people in Toronto can now shop for online and get delivered waste-free.

Loop had also announced that they'd be partnering with select Tim Hortons restaurants in Toronto in 2021, and they're teaming up with McDonald's and Burger King in other locations as well.

"Loop is designed to be as convenient as the single-use shopping experience while creating a sustainable, circular model for consumption," said Tom Szaky, founder and CEO of Loop and TerraCycle.  "Collaboration is necessary to tackle the waste crisis head on."

The Loop system should also be coming soon to Japan, Germany and Australia.

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