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New grocery stores on wheels are coming to Toronto

The pandemic has changed life as we know it, making even something as basic as a trip to the grocery store seem daunting for those of us who can't stop thinking about the health and safety risks of high-touch public places.

But businesses have adapted to provide us with new, COVID-mindful ways to do daily tasks, such as Grocery Neighbour, a company behind a new mobile grocery store concept that brings not only the food, but the entire store to customers.

"I came up with Grocery Neighbour in the wake of the pandemic and that was the inspiration of the whole business," the Toronto-based company's CEO Frank Sinopoli told blogTO

"What I didn't know was how many problems we were actually solving as it relates to food insecurity. Additionally, the time savings are so significant for shoppers that I feel these are the reasons we resonate so well to so many."

Through Grocery Neighbour, franchisers can start a grocery store on wheels in their area — a boon not only of those who are wary or have difficulty making the trip to a traditional store, but also those who live a fair distance from one.

"Communities that lack access to grocery stores are incredibly excited to have a solution like this completely change their weekly routines and quite frankly their lifestyle," Sinopoli notes. "Some communities will even own their own Grocery Neighbour store so that they can roll their profits back into helping their community."

Each 53-foot transport truck comes equipped with refrigeration capacity and the potential to hold up to 2,000 items that each franchiser will select for their market — including basic staples such as bread and fresh fruit and vegetables.

So far, more than 1,000 people worldwide have signed up to start their own Grocery Neighbour, which will launch first in the most high-demand parts of the GTA in hopefully the next few months.

"We've essentially created the most convenient form of grocery shopping that allows you to still pick your own products by hand while saving time and money."

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