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7-Eleven just applied to serve alcohol inside 61 stores across Ontario

Fancy a glass of Chardonnay with your buffalo chicken taquitos, madame? At 7-Eleven, the world is your oyster... the kind you'd never buy oysters from, but would post up at for a few cheap boozy drinks.

The international convenience store chain has applied for permission to start serving alcohol inside 61 of its locations across Ontario, according to a recent public notice from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

While it might be exciting to think about (finally) being able to buy beer at a corner store — something the provincial government has been promising for years — you should know that 7-Eleven's AGCO filing isn't for takeout sales.

Rather, the the company has applied to get Liquor Sales Licences "for on-site consumption only," once pandemic restrictions prohibiting indoor drinking and dining have been lifted.

What this suggests is that 7-Eleven wants to open up bars, either inside or in place of its existing Ontario stores / gas stations.

The Texas-based chain has yet to respond to a request for comment regarding the applications, but the AGCO did clarify that they are "for an indoor area to consume alcohol (when Emergency Orders permit)."

"Given its current business model, 7-Eleven would not be eligible to offer takeout and delivery of liquor with food orders," noted the provincial Crown agency in a statement.

It's an interesting move for the global brand, which boasts impeccable stores across many parts of Asia but is best-known locally for its wild late-night customers.

"As if 7-Eleven clerks don't have enough to deal with," commented one person on Twitter in response to the public notice announcement.

"Agh if only they did this years ago!" wrote another. "7-Eleven would have been my last call destination. Those nachos and cheese with all the fixings was the shit at 3 a.m.!"

Wondering if the 7-Eleven in your neighbourhood will get a bar inside?

If all current applications are approved, the answer is yes: 7-Eleven has applied for on-site alcohol consumption licenses at every one of its Ontario stores, including all 14 that still exist in Toronto.

Whether or not people will actually hang out at bars inside 7-Elevens remains to be seen... but like, of course they will — even if only for novelty's sake and the promise of a spiked Slurpee.

UPDATE: 7-Eleven Canada provided a statement following the publication of this story that reads as follows.

"To complement our fresh food and hot food programs, we are preparing for in-store service of a small selection of Ontario-made beer and wine products, offered during limited hours, and in designated consumption areas of our stores. Should we be successful in obtaining licences, all staff handling alcohol products will be SmartServe trained.

7-Eleven Canada is a responsible retailer and a trusted partner of the federal and provincial governments, controlling access to age-restricted products for over 25 years. We are committed to meeting the needs of our Ontario customers and we look forward to the opportunity to grow jobs and contribute to the Ontario economy.

 The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario is currently reviewing our licence applications."

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